本文摘要:英语训练题和详细剖析Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? Ⅰ. 单项选择。


英语训练题和详细剖析Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? Ⅰ. 单项选择。1. -Don’t ______late dear. It’s bad for your health. -I know, mum, but I have to finish today’s homework. A. stay in B. stay out C. stay away D. stay up2. We look on our students ______our sons and daughters. A. as B. like C. to D. look like3. This is a _______job, I feel ______ of it. A. tired, tired B. tiring, tired C. tired, tiring D. tiring, tiring4. It was ______ delicious, they ate too much. A. real B. really C. much D. any5. She was_______ afraid ______ she cried. A. too, to B. so, that C. such, that D. to, too6. I found a girl ________ on the road last night. A. crying B. cries C. to cry D. cried7. My father often helps me ________ English. A. learning B. learn C. learns D. learned8. At last, they decided ______ you with the work. A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped9. The delicious food made me feel _____.A. hunger B. hungry C. safe D. safety10. My father spent half an hour _______ the work yesterday.  A. finish B. to finish C. finishing D. finished11. There _____ not any milk in the bottle just now, but now it is full.  A. was B. were C. are D. is12. —Were you born in 1992?—Yes, I __________.A. am B. were C. was D. are13. -________ was your weekend? -It was great. A. How B. What C. Where D. When14. —How ______ your weekend?—It ______ great . But I ______ tired now A. was, was, am B. is , was, was C. is, is , am D. is, is , was15. I think everyone ______ their weekends. A. enjoy B. enjoys C. like D. liking【真题链接】1. —Is your mother a teacher? (2015 湖北武汉中考)—Yes, she is. She _________ at a junior high school. A. taught B. teaches C. will teach D. is teaching2. We are going on holiday in the _______ week of July.(2015 吉林省中考) A. two B. twice C. second3. Bob is taking the desks away because they ______ too much room. (2015 天津中考) A. stand up B. pick up C. take up D. listen upⅡ. 完形填空。A well-dressed man goes  l a restaurant a day. He sits down at a table near the window. A waiter comes up to  2 and says, “Can I help you, sir?” The man says, “Can I see the menu?” “Certainly.”The man wants a good meal. He wants a lot of nice 3 . The waiter gets them for him. The man is having his  4 . At that time a boy comes in and sits down beside the man. He asks the  5 to give him an ice cream. The man does so. Now the boy is eating his ice cream. The man is saying, “I go out  6 a newspaper.” Then he goes out. After the boy eats his ice cream up. The boy 7 and goes to the door. “ 8 , your father hasn’t given the money for the meal and your ice cream. ” The waiter stops him and says. “Father ? You’re  9  .He isn’t my father. I don’t  10 him. I meet him in the street. He says he will give me an ice cream if I come here at twelve o'clock. ”1. A. in B. out C. into D. onto 2. A. him B. it C. his D. them 3. A. dish B. dishes C. plates D. bowls 4. A. cakes B. drink C. supper D. meal 5. A. man B. father C. waiter D. boy 6. A. with B .for C. to D .at 7. A. sits down B. gets up C. stands up D. comes down 8. A. Excuse me B .Sorry C. Hello D. Hi 9. A. good B. right C. well D. wrong 10. A. like B. know C. help D. ask III. 阅读明白。

A In the morning,Mr. Smith came into the garden at the back of his house.He saw too muchsnow in the garden.Mr. Smith wanted to take his car out,so he asked a man to clean the road from his garage(车库)to the gate.He said to the man,“Don’t throw any snow on the flowers and don’t throw any on the wall.And don’t throw any into the street,or the policeman will come.”Thenhe went out. When he came back,the road was clean.There was no snow on the flowers,on the wall or In the street.But when he opened the garage to get his car out,he saw it was full of snow,thesnow from the path;and his car was under the snow!凭据漫笔内容填空。1.Mr. Smith saw ________ ________ snow in the________.2.Mr. Smith wanted to ________ the ________ out of the garage.3.He told the man not to ________ the snow on the flowers,on the wall,________ into the street.4.The road was ________ but the garage was ________ of snow.5.Mr. Smith was ________ to see his car ________ the snow. B Mr. Brown is an old man. Every morning he goes for a walk in the park. And he comes homeat twelve thirty for his lunch in the middle(中间) of the day.  But today a car stops at his house at twelve o’clock. Two policemen(警员) help him get out. One of them says to Mr. Brown’s daughter, “He can’t find his way home in the park and asks us to take him home in the car.”  The daughter thanks the policemen and they leave(脱离). Then she asks her father, “Dad, yougo to the park every day. But today you can’t find the way. What’s wrong?”  The old man smiles(微笑) like a child and says, “I can find my way home. But I don’t want to walk home.”6. The old man __________every day.  A. goes for a walk in the morning B. has lunch in the parkC. asks the policemen to take him home D. gets ill7. Two policemen take him home in the car, because they think __________  A. he can’t find his way home B. he is too old   C. he likes their car D. he can’t walk8. The old man asks the policemen to take him home in the car, because __________.  A. something is wrong with him B. he wants to have lunch at 12:00  C. he doesn’t want to walk home D. his daughter asks him to do that.9. Which is right? __________  A. The daughter will not let her father go to the park again.  B. The old man is not happy when the policemen take him in the car.  C. The policemen know the old man.  D. The old man comes home earlier today.10. What do you think of the old man? __________  A. He is foolish. B. He is helpless.   C. he is like a child. D. He is forgetful.C(2015 吉林省中考)凭据漫笔内容,选择正确谜底。My mother used to ask me what the most important part of the body was.I got different answers at different ages. When I was young,I thought sound was very important to us,so I said,“My ears,Mum.”But she shook her head and said no.Several years passed,and she asked me again.I believed that I got the right answer after thinking it over.So I told her,“Sight is very important to everyone,so it must be our eyes.”But she told me I was wrong.I tried many times after that,but her answer was always the same.Till last year,my grandma died.Everybody was crying,everybody was hurt.My mom looked at me and asked me with tears in her eyes.“Do you know the answer now?” I was surprised when she asked me this question then.“My son,the answer is your shoulder.Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on(倾诉的工具).” Finally,I realized all she hoped is that I can have enough love and friends so that I will have a shoulder to cry on when I need it.11.According to the passage,_______ are the most important part of the body.A.eyes B.ears C.feet D.shoulders12.The writer gave _______ to the same question at different ages. A.the same answer B.different answersC.four answers D.the right answer13.The underlined word“Sight”means _______ in Chinese.A.听力 B.嗅觉 C.触觉 D.视力14._______ gave the right answer to the question at last. A.The writer’s father B.The writer’s motherC.The writer D.The writer’s grandma15.The writer got the right answer on the day when ________. A.his grandma died B.somebody was hurtC.his mother was crying D.he was youngⅣ. 书面表达。

凭据所给的提示以“Jenny的周末”为题,写一篇漫笔。1. 上星期六早上在家做作业、训练说英语。下午看电视、打网球。

晚上看影戏。2. 星期天的早上扫除房间,然后去海滩。下午购物、探友。

晚上到场晚会。3. 他的周末忙碌但有趣。

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________【谜底与剖析】Ⅰ. 单项选择。1. D。句意为“-亲爱的,不要熬夜了,这对你的康健欠好。-我知道,妈妈,但我必须完成今天的作业。

”;stay up意为“熬夜”,切合题意。2. A。句意“我们把学生看做自己的后代。”;look on as意为“把……看作……”。

3. B。句意“这是一个令人劳累的事情,我感应很劳累。”;tired意为“感应劳累的”,用来形容人的感受;tiring 意为“令人劳累的”,用来指事物自己的性质。

4. B。really意为“真正地; 确实地”,在这里修饰形容词delicious意为“真的很鲜味”。5. B。

句意“她是如此的畏惧以至于她哭了”,so…that意为“如此……以致……”;that后跟随句;too…to意为“太……而不能……”,to后跟动词原形;因此本题选B。6. A。find somebody doing something意为“发现某人正在做某事”。

7. B。本句考察动词短语help somebody do/to do something的用法。

可以用动词不定式to do也可以用省略to的动词不定式即动词原形。8. B。在动词decide的后面用动词不定式作宾语。

9. B。在连系动词feel的后面用形容词作表语,从句子的意思可以判断是用形容词hungry表现“饥饿”的意思。10. C。在动词spend的后面用动名词形式作宾语,所以本空是finishing。

11. A。本题考察there be的一般已往时的用法,milk是不行数名词,所以be用was。12. C。句意“-你是1992年出生的吗?-是的,我是。

”由此可知句子是一般已往时,主语是I ,故谓语应该用was。13. A。

从对话后面的答语“It was great.”可以判断前面是用How was your weekend?来询问“你的周末过得怎么样?”14. A。句意:“—你周末过的怎么样?—很是棒,可是我现在很累。”;因此,前两个空都是一般已往时,最后一空是一般现在时;故谜底是A。15. B。


【真题链接】1. B。表现经常性习惯性行动的发生用一般现在时,且主语she为第三人称单数,故谓语动词用第三人称单数。2. C。句意:我们计划在七月的第二周去度假。

由语境可知,此处指“七月的第二周”,故用序数词second。two意为“二”,为基数词;twice意为“两次”。3. C。



Ⅱ. 完形填空。1.C。

goes into a restaurant 意为“走进餐馆”;go in“进入”,其后不加名词;go out “出去”,其后加of和名词连用。onto“到……上”。2.A。him指上文的a well-dressed man。

3.B。dishes 指种种好吃的“菜”。

4.D。having his meal意为“正在用饭”。

A、B两项在文中找不到,此文是有关午餐时的事情,清除C项。5.C。句中he指 the well—dressed man, him指the boy,所以C项正确。6.B。

go out for a newspaper 出去取/买报纸。7.C。凭据前后句内容判断,“男孩吃完冰洪淋,站起来向门口走去”。



9.D。凭据下文,“He isn't my father.”得出此处意为“你说错了。

”10. B 从漫笔后面的意思明白此处是“我不认识他”。III. 阅读明白。

A篇1. too much,garden 2. take,car 3. throw,or 4. clean,full 5. angry,underB篇6. A。从漫笔第一段的第二个句子Every morning he goes for a walk in the park.可以找到谜底。7. A。

从漫笔的第二段的句子He can’t find his way home in the park and asks us to take him home in the car.”可以找到问题的谜底。8. C。从漫笔的最后一个句子But I don’t want to walk home.”可以找到问题的谜底。

9. D。从漫笔第一段最后一个句子And he comes home at twelve thirty for his lunch in the middle(中间) of the day.和第二段第一个句子But today a car stops at his house at twelve o’clock可以判断12:00比12:30要早。10. C。


由第二段最后两句“My son,the answer is your shoulder.…”可知,肩膀是最重要的身体部位。故选D。12. B。

由第一段第二句“I got different answers at different ages.”可知,在差别的年事获得的谜底是差别的。故选B。

13. D。由划线词后的“so it must be our eyes”可知,作者认为视力对每小我私家都很重要,所以谜底是眼睛;由此可推知,“Sight”意为“视力”。故选D。

14. B。由第二段倒数第二句“My son,the answer is your shoulder.”可知,最后作者的母亲告诉了作者正确谜底。故选B。

15. A。由第二段中的“Till last year,my grandma died.”可知,作者在祖母过世那天得知了正确谜底。故选A。Ⅳ. 书面表达。

Jenny had a busy weekend. Last Saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speaking English at home. She watched TV and played tennis on Saturday afternoon. That night, she went to the movies. On Sunday morning, she cleaned her room and went to the beach. On Sunday afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping .She had a party last night. What a busy but happy weekend she had!。